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We are both 10-minutes from work, and I like living in a place where I can walk to the shops (this has been one of my main criteria wherever I have lived).What I can tell you though is that rent in these areas tends to be that much more (sometimes double) what you would pay for the same thing in another part of town. If you are the outdoors type, then this is would be your paradise, lots of beaches to camp on, mountains to hike up, and dunes to bash.

Business is conducted in English for the most part and I haven't found not speaking Arabic to be a barrier.I have never been one to have a lot of flesh on display, but I did love wearing leggings and skinny jeans, actually any jeans, but I am far too self-conscious to wear anything like that now.Even running the two minute journey to my pilates instructors place in my yoga pants (covered in a long black cardigan) attracts more stares than usual, so I would never feel comfortable walking around the shopping centre like that. I've found it really hard to call Muscat home and I recognised quite quickly that I don't really know how to pull myself out of these down times.My husband was tempted by a well-paying job, and I joined him later. Sadly it's all about contacts, the lady who previously had my job had just left and I had a contact from London who lives here and works in the same field so she passed on my CV.I have always liked the idea of living abroad, but I saw myself either in Europe or America, never the Middle East. If the newspapers are to be believed it is harder for expat women to get work visas. I am actually under the Ministry of Health umbrella, which means I am entitled to be treated at the government hospitals.I actually had no idea where Oman was, or that it existed before my husband moved. Once you do get a job I'm not sure how much scope there is for movement if you have plans to move up the career ladder, but this is probably very industry dependent. Usually, expats would have private insurance, which is provided by their employer and there are a number of private hospital chains.I believe there is an obligation for all employers to provide health care, which means that if you employ a housekeeper, for example, you need to pay for their health care.I've been beeped at from cars and had men rolling down the window to make comments, which is something I didn't expect at all.I expect looking Middle Eastern doesn't help me as I even catch local women staring at me, presumably because they are surprised at how I am dressed (covered, but no headscarf or abaya).All women can expect to be stared at a lot, by both Omani and expat men, mostly the former.It makes walking around alone uncomfortable and I don't do things like sit in a coffee shop alone and read like I used to in London.

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