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Maybe you were taking a walk around your neighborhood or nursing a glass of wine in one hand and a big bar of dark chocolate in the other.

Maybe you took a spontaneous 4-day trip from Florida to Los Angeles with a friend (like I did that one time), traveling across the country and collecting memories and stories along the way. Cellular devices that were once the size (and probably weight) of bricks, now come in hundreds of sleek and lightweight options.

As the title suggests, the foodie man has an insatiable appetite for good grub.

Any time is meal-time, and he loves a great steak, is picky about his seafood, but also wants value for money because there’s nothing worse than leaving a dinner date still hungry.

The cultural man is intelligent and inquisitive, most at home experiencing Brisbane’s cultural offerings.

Out is committed to telling everyone's story — find yours here.

Cell phones and apps have become our life lines and our security blankets, our matchmakers and our plus ones.

Let’s be honest, we can hardly walk into a coffee shop or sit in a restaurant without seeing someone with a phone in their hands (or being that person ourselves).

From Ed Sheeran to Metallica, his Spotify playlists showcase a love of music that knows no genre.

And despite the fact no one owns a CD player anymore, he still refuses to part with his 100 % Hits albums from the 90s.

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