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Pretty sure if a doc excuses you from work you shouldn’t get fired for that. I am looking for part time work up to 5 hours per day.

So now he’s happy and over half the crew is his family. I cannot find your application on line and want you to call me to set up an interview so I can bring in my resume, Call me 614-706-****, Thanks very much. Reply My name is bill darch my wife and I got some of white castle cheese burgers from a safeway store here in Olympia WA.

His sister got hired as a manager no clue what she was having to ask team members. Not trying to be a whiner but it’s real hard to work with someone that tells you well I don’t know how my wife does it and gets all 5s on a survey but that’s the type of people we need.

That part is true but what about everyone else that gets those 5’s and doesn’t get announced all big.

In 1924, they incorporate the company as White Castle System of Eating Houses Corporation. Today, there are over 350 White Castle locations mostly in the Midwest and Eastern US.

In 1934, the company headquarters is relocated to Columbus, Ohio where it remains today. IF YOU CAN’T TAKE THE HEAT STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN!

In drive thru (only one there in whole store), told to wait to order…7 min later, gave order of 10 burgers, med fry and med sprite. I called spoke with the manager and left my name so my burgers could be replaced upon my next visit.

my friends and I would get off work about 2am then go by the white castle buy a large brown bag of burgers, go to the resivoir and watch the sun come up, talk, laugh, and eat white castle burgers, GREAT memories and great burgers, when I found them here in SC I was thrilled! Don’t know what you dod to your recipe but it isn’t working for you. Second chances are the best chances for redemption and I will let no one stand between me or my job ever again.I may check back in two or three months but as of right now, We are done white castle, really sorry about tha spoiled good memories and good burgers. Reply I have visited white castle on natural bridge and 170 in stlouis county.Bye Reply I’ve worked at White Castle 4 years ago for 6 months . The managers there are very rude, you have a older blonde black lady, whom always are always yelling at employees, and the other younger tall black lady whom never ever smile and never says thanks..Reply my daughter works at one of your stores and just because she is trying to better herself going to school for nursing. Which that wasn’t far to a lot of team members and they were there longer and actually worked for it.It’s like he’s trying to get his whole family in there and everyone else out. In 1986, the company expands outside the US with a franchise in Japan. In 1979, the first drive thru restaurant opens in Indianapolis.Last thing Tim Clennon is the gm puts on a great boss face and act but deep down he’s a 2 faced person that will tell you like he told me your my best Manger but yet he’ll fire you in a second so his family can keep coming in. If we boycott them I think they will get better, they are not the only restaurant in town. So I was wondering if there was a chance if you could get one in the bay city Michigan area or Caro mi area just saying. Reply I work at white castle i just started 3 days ago and only two people dont smoke weed frequently through out the shift even the managers smoke frequently if you guys do drug tests you would catch them really quick Reply I came to White Castle because someone approach me to come to White Castle saying that I can make 16.75 an hour as a manager.Reply I am a Contractor I went with my crew to buy food at 257 S Broadway, Yonkers, NY 10705. I call their corporate office, made a complaint and after that some woman name Kendra from team manager call me and told me no compensate, but do come in our store again!!!! I spend over $ 33.00 and I call again the corporate office they answer as if nothing was wrong. But really I would advise any one who reads this not to buy at their locations. We have a Facebook group trying to get you into Iowa. It’s really hard to watch “Harold and Kumar go to White Castle” when you don’t have one. Reply Really upset by alot of people here in Zanesville Ohio about white Castle. So I quit my management job and became a part of White Castles however I started out as crew they do not start you off based on experience that was a lie assistant manager starts off at 16.75 shift managers are 9.50.The customers loved me never got bad complaints on me . But that is exactly what happened please let white castle know that this is unacceptable and that they need to pay my medical bills and for my lost time.Please if any of you upper management see and can help me out a little please don’t let the gm and his wife and the rest of the family work together it’s so unfair to all the hard workers that actually earn there job. Please help me thank you Reply I just want to say I miss white castle, I’m in Michigan and I moved more north of where I lived so we don’t have a white castle near us.

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