Lady gaga dating someone nebraska

Gaga and B are taking a common music video trope and flipping it upside the head; objectification=not sexy.

Alternating between Japanese and comic book-style subtitles, the video channels Gaga's beloved pop art pioneers Roy Lichenstein and Andy Warhol.

Ironically, Gaga wore her mother’s actual wedding gown in scenes of the racy video, which starred the Chicago Fire hunk as the object of her affection.

They started dating several months later, and split briefly in May 2012.

Inspired by the Warhol's exploration of mass consumer culture and advertising through his Campbell's soup studies, Gaga and Akerlund challenge the gender stereotype of the "perfect housewife" portrayed heavily in 1950s pop culture, using Wonder Bread and Miracle Whip as their artistic devices.

Bloggers and fans are crying product placement—which in the case of Miracle Whip, it partly is—but its inclusion is more likely an homage to her greatest idol, who himself was a living, breathing piece of art.

We see these details referenced through Gaga's chained-getup in the prison sequence, and in the Wonder Bread appearance. We've already noted David La Chapelle as a noted influence in the video, whose saturated colors and bold aesthetic are echoed again here in Beyonce's getup.

Whatever product placement or triviality exists within her videos can be excused as art under the pretense of her participation in the pop art movement—whether "Gaga" as a product is really who she is or the product of a label is almost irrelevant when you consider that maybe she's the modern-day Marcel Duchamp or René Magritte. Lady Gaga pours poison into the honey she delivers to Tyrese, further driving home the point that she and Honey B aren't conforming to the syrupy-sweet behavior expected of them by society. Thus begins the epic dance break—celebrating a new America.

An America that steers away from gender constructs. Lady Gaga is the modern-day Wonder Woman—a DC Comics superheroine created in the early '40s and regarded as the model of the feminist movement. William Marston, Wonder Woman is an Amazon princess sent to earth to assist America in the war effort.

Telling off her controlling boyfriend, B poisons him and frees herself from her confined existence controlled by man, allowing her to escape with Gaga into the desert to revel in girl power..hit the club, or whatever. Did we need to remind you that that's the Pussy Truck behind her?

Just in case you haven't picked up on the point by now, it's a kitty's world and she's in the driver's seat—see her chauffeur's hat?

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