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Unfortunately parents have the authority over who you date and who you are allowed to bring home.An Arab woman with restrictive and controlling parents will never be allowed to date a Jewish man.Not all Arabs are muslims (as many have stated) but even for the muslim ones, I think its like jewish families.Alot Jewish Familys want their children to marry into the culture, but obviously there are the exceptions.

And the answer is No, there are circumstances that they will date outside of their own culture. Not in the sense Americans or europeans understand it.Also she must date someone from her village so that her parents could get to know him personally.If an Arab women will date or have relations with a Jewish man, her parents or brothers will banish, expel and maybe even kill her for the assault on the family honor (see But in Israel I don't think it's true.I don't think an Israeli Arab woman will date an Israeli Jew because there is a lot of grudge between Arabs and Jews in Israel. Also my parents will never allow me to date an Arab woman as long as I'm living with them.By Alona Ballard Janet Jackson’s upcoming wedding to Qatari billionaire Wissam Al Mana has the whole world talking.Is it true that Arab women only date and marry Arab men?It is often said that Arab women will only date Arab men. Their religion forbids an Arab woman to date a Jewish man and I'm Jewish.The whole concept of "race" is not so scientific either.Arabs are one of the most diverse ethnic groups along with Latinos.The education field, like many others, has not fared well in this austere economy.With the district I worked for continuing to lay off teachers, my prospects for full time employment looked dim.

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