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Aries Oakland, California, United States Shemar Moore started his primary education at British Private School in Bahrain, where he remained until the age of 7.

He later joined the Gunn High School in Palo Alto, California.

Armed with a pistol and a chainsaw, she deploys the latter to split the fancy furniture literally in half.

In a scene currently circulating in the film's promotional campaign, the camera pans the room post-Madea, sofa feathers settling and the piano collapsing into two pieces.

While his weekday workouts are mostly focussed on strength training, he likes to utilize weekend for outdoor cardio activities.

Every Sunday, he heads out with his bike for a 70-mile ride out.

To ensure that his body remains lean and ripped, Shemar prefers to start his day with an intense workout.

Hearing of baby girl's troubles, Madea comes to help with her flamboyant exit.

Perry adapted the script from his popular stage play, one of seven he's had produced since 1992 (the first being I Know I've Been Changed, and as of now, his works have earned some million).

Occasionally homeless in between largely self-financed productions, Perry soon became a Christian community favorite, recently tapped by Dallas' Reverend T. Jakes to write the play version of Jakes' own novel, Woman Thou Art Loosed, which was also filmed and released last year, and which also starred Elise.

This moment demonstrates the film's fondness for broad, obvious, and sometimes slow-moving comedy A first feature by music video director Darren Grant (Destiny's Child's "Survivor," Jewel's "Standing Still"), Diary follows Helen's self-recovery, particularly as this process involves family and the community church.

To start, she moves in with Madea, reunites with her assisted-living mother Myrtle (Cicely Tyson), gets a styling new haircut, and starts waiting tables at a restaurant.

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