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The moment she walked through the back gate, I was instantly smitten. She was just a tiny little thing, didn’t even hit five feet tall, but absolutely adorable.

She had short blonde hair, cut just above her shoulders. A beautiful smile that just lit up her face, lit up the whole place in fact, and the cutest dimples on those little chipmunk cheeks. She had nice little breasts, perhaps a bit small but then she was only a freshman. Katie was a diver, but had also been in gymnastics, and dance, and soccer.

And then gaze upon the beauty and majesty of the salty blooms, freshly picked from your kitchen.

So, I mentioned this on all of my social sites, but I wanted to go ahead and go into a touch of detail for those that I know that might only read my blog. Tanner and I took so long to find our stride in Shelby, but we are happy.so happy.

After talking with her for a while, okay, flirting with her for a while, it was clear that she had the same sick, twisted, sarcastic sense of humor that I did.

We just seemed to click on every level, and we both spent most of the afternoon just cracking each other up. Needless to say, I spent as much time with her that day as I could.

Anything we all did that required a partner, she was my first choice.

I never even got a chance to truly train for this marathon, so I’m not changing anything in that approach.I’m going to do an update soon with my plan to train for the ironman in a spreadsheet like I did for my marathon, and what I plan to do. As of this weekend, I’m 13 weeks out, and honestly, I said I wouldn’t “really” train for this until 12 weeks out because as we all know, I do better with shorter so I still have a week to chill! I set a hot skillet on my new handmade cutting board my father in law made for us and it bubbled up (Tanner says it’s fixable but I cried HA). Oh, I’m also backing out of a marathon that I absolutely love and was sad about for a hot minute, but like what are you gonna do? Cooking them on a rack lets the bottoms cook as well so you don’t end up with mushy-bottomed flowers. After my little rosebuds came out of the oven, I realized I wanted a heftier flower in there, and thus was born- the jumbo bacon flower: Just layer on another strip. Now, for such a thing as glorious as a bacon flower, you really need to display it tastefully. So grab some discount silk flowers from the craft store.I found these in the clearance bin outside Michael’s for 75% off, plus I had a 20% coupon that was apparently only for Canadians, but since I totally look Canadian and know all of the words to Oh Canada I got to use it. The only thing that can be really annoying is if you grab a batch of flowers that happen to be super-glued onto the stems, which some are. And just because I know you need it, here’s a printable to go along side that gorgeous vase on your table: Happy Baconing. You’ll want the meaty edge to be the top of the flower, so keep the fatty edge aligned at the bottom. If your bacon is oddly shaped you may need to snip off a bit after you roll to make it lay nicely. Most strips of bacon have a “meaty” edge and a “fatty” edge.I’ve realized over time there’s still a lot of people that read this blog, and it makes my heart so happy and I stopped looking at stats years ago but I did tonight and was like WOW, people really do still read. We feel that both of our careers have really taken off here, we have really gotten closer with my brother and his wife and so we are able to just be like “Hey, it’s Tuesday. That’s cool too 😉First, I’d just like to say that real life apart from all of this blog/fitness/health stuff is just wonderful.We are coming over.” So, that was yesterday and we went over and had grilled cheese, potato soup and I got to spend time with Jackson (who loves to be naked constantly hahaha-I loveeee age 3- it’s my fav! I might could even sub 3, but it wouldn’t feel “right” if that makes sense.)I started the count down to Myrtle Beach sometime during the weekend (that I had planned to run 14 miles but got struck with the 2.5 day black plague of 101-103 fever that wouldn’t break that’s now completely gone-#muchconfusion) and was like “Good gosh, I have 5 weeks left.” Don’t get me wrong. I almost don’t WANT to run the marathon well if I only got 5 solid weeks. I’m actually kind of excited about that now because I NEVER run halfs (mostly because I’m cheap and if I’m gonna pay for it or train for it, I’m going to go the full).

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  1. We can seriously butt heads, but I value our type a and b personality dating. But sometimes, when I want to take care of something two weeks in advance and he wants to put it off until the last minute, I get so stressed out that I lose sight of that.