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Of course, things didn’t go too far for Leroy and Theresa after she ended up voting him into The Jungle.

Instead of arguing like exes do, the now fully single pair seemed to fall harder for each other.

I’d be curious to know who you think their top couples are? Comment: The ones who constantly get references and they’ll always talk about: Ryan and Trista, Sean & Catherine, Jason & Molly, Ashley & JP. I loved the Heather Mc Donald podcast and have now started listening to her podcasts every week as well. I’ve heard you mention before that Evan is pretty wealthy and it certainly comes off that way. Any idea what the giant scar down Taylor’s back is from? Comment: She was once cut open in half by a dragon from “Game of Thrones.” I have no idea.

_________________________________ Seeing how Dean and Kristina acted together, I am surprised Dean even left Paradise to go after her. With that in mind it strikes me as very odd that they’d chose to have their wedding televised like that. They both do seem kinda quirky, and having a wedding that somewhat resembled a backyard BBQ maybe fit their personality more than something completely over-the-top at some fancy resort. _________________________________ Hi Steve Both Danielle and Amanda both mentioned they would like to date Wells or someone like Wells in the first episode of BIP.

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Because of his crazy antics at PSU, friends and classmates would often comment that his pranks were "bananas" and the nickname stuck.And lastly, not bachelor related but I know you’re a fan of the challenge and I’m one of the few still holding on to that show haha love it! I’m guilty of reading spoilers for that show so I know the final three for each. And after watching Carly and Evan’s wedding, it raises a lot of questions for me.I’ll always root for Bananas because I want to see excellence. Like that wedding could have been done in 20 minutes max, and they milked out the wedding for like 45 minutes.Which lead to their questionable hook-up that left fans wondering if he'd done it just to win.There was mud-slinging and they left off on bad terms, but competitions literally make people do crazy things. First time I saw her on these shows it was laughable. Comment: Bananas and Kenny will always be my top 2 male favorites. For some reason, that Amanda chick from AYTO is starting to grow on me and I don’t know why. I was particularly stoked Derrick K came back this season! Who are your favorite players to play the game and who would you like to see back?And on top of that there was another 15 minutes wasted on their conversation with Chris Harrison (which I feel like they did have to do to save the show’s image).Plus they also have to show Chris Harrison’s separate interviews with Corinne and De Mario throughout the season (which De Mario stated on Entertainment Tonight that his will be happening next week, and Corinne’s is supposed to be the week after) which I assume will take up a good portion of the air time.I know the difference they had in filming compared to previous seasons isn’t that extreme, but do you think cause of the condensed time it took to film the season that they are trying to look for ways to fill time so it can feel as long as the previous ones? De Mario’s talk was this week, then next week we’ll get Corinne’s. PS……Cannot wait until you spoil the next Bachelor for us!! That’s really the only “announcement” they can make that they can kinda keep from me.

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