Joel courtney and elle fanning dating

"We're totally best friends and we have so much fun on [the back in June about her rumored relationship with Joel. Guys and girls can be friends without having to date!

" 25 pics inside of Katherine Mc Namara, Joel Courtney, and more at the event...

This irresistible story of middle-school-age kids who set out to make a zombie flick, accidentally witness a sensational train crash, and become involved in a tale of extraterrestrial mystery straight out of an is an antidote to that emotional-? It’s also a great specimen of original storytelling grounded in a sophisticated respect for storytellers who have come before. (Why are secretive military troops so intent on taking charge of the wrecked train and its contents?

What strange alien force is tearing out the town’s power lines and ripping the engines from cars?

centers on former best friends Maddy and Cole, who now exist on opposite ends of the high school social spectrum.

When Maddy's reign as most popular girl abruptly ends, the duo reconnects as they conspire to ruin the ultimate popularity contest: senior prom.

And I had met Steven before when my sister did for Next up, it was the boys, Joel Courtney, who plays the quiet hero, Joe; Riley Griffiths, the bossy Super 8 director, Charles, and Ryan Lee, who, as Cary, gets to set off almost as many explosions as J.

Among the adults, wears its humor and knowledge lightly, both in screenplay and in production values.held at CBS Studios on Sunday (November 16) in Studio City, Calif.The 18-year-old actress was also joined by Austin North, Bridgit Mendler, and Kelli Berglund. I think that's what makes moviemaking so special for me. [laughs] And then it started coming out that it was called and J. You're the one girl in there, so how was that on set? So, did you get much lead in time to hang out together? We were drawn to it as much as we were to the actual movie. I always love to have- In one day you could be having a really dramatic scene and then the next you could be laughing and having fun. And for a while, I couldn't even say that I had a movie. I think that, just starting now, that I can say more about it, now that people are seeing trailers and posters and things. There's a great dynamic between the characters in the film. How we were on screen was really how we were off screen as well. People were all ready to leave, but stopped dead and hung around. We were all excited that we actually got to write it and we got to make it as cheesy as possible, because it's like a funny home video. I got the part when- even before I read the script or even knew anything about it. J.'s on a microphone talking so loud, there are explosions happening, and there's a huge crew, it's totally opposite. And there's a great film within the film, which your characters are making. Loving, Playful, and spectacularly well made, Super 8 is easily the best summer movie of the year — of many years.And I make that declaration with full knowledge that the season has just begun. And then you've got Steven Spielberg as a producer, one of the biggest names there is. You could really tell that Steven was, like, mentoring J.

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