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I would prefer you ❤ I fell in love with you since you starred in the drama "Sorry, I Love You" . ) Kisses from CA Oh, that I were *cough cough* years younger. I will support him, and very looking forward for his activity right now. I just love his acting in Master's sun, oh my venus, i'm sorry i love you (one of the best classic korean drama of all times) and the movie always (2011). I'm looking forward to his upcoming movie the battlefield. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Professionally I think So Ji Sub is one of those great male actors that can do anything they put their minds too. I've watched some of so jisub k drama and I find very good in acting ..he' s a natural born actor .can see that he' very serious and focused in every project snd movies that he had.. I am so glad you did not do any enhancement to them because they're really your trademark. But what I admire most about you is that you seem to be a very humble person. ) Korean movies are great and very realistic and there are usually not many miracles in them.

For the next 10 years he competed as a swimmer and eventually won a medal at the national Korean games. Hoodluck SJS and wish you more success in your upcoming projects. The character he portrayed gives chills and 'kilig' factor to those whose watching,maybe because of his good looks and meaningful eyes.

I don't claim to be a critic of movies/dramas, but I personally enjoyed these dramas and I have therefore made a list of all your movie/dramas so that I can watch them. not a usual pop korean actor face BUT a very handsome MAN!! You are killing it while portraying John Kim in your latest drama, "Oh my Venus"; it just seems tremendously real, and not a TV drama we're talking about. From the articles I've read about you, you seem to be a very humble person. I just finished watching Phantom and i started to google about you. the anime released (2008, after 4 years) and at last I was satisfied and relax now. was there any chance again of you to bring smiles to angles like them again? You can be "Park Chul Woong" you can be "Kang ln Wook" ... I like his pick up rhip-hop music and that one with Park Sin Ae. I don't know how i feel with my boyfriend really, but i know i like him... well , i have chance to meet u i want to some words " You the man i looking for " So Jin Sub is the best actor that i have known so far.

You have become my most favored Korean actor by far, and it is not only because I enjoy your movies and admire your acting skills, but because you appear to have genuinely good qualities as a person. He is adorable every time I watch him in the movies/dramas. Throughout Ji Sub's performances, I noticed that his expression/acting somewhat delivered an image of rebellion or an image contrary to his public image. I don't know anything about you except from what I've read, but I wish you the best of luck in your acting career. Then i realized that i actually have watched your previous works and i love them all. I thought at first that it was just the plot of Phantom which makes you good but i actually love all your works like Rough Cut, Always. Dear Sir, You such a fine wine and How could you put gloomy and happiness together in those eyes? I almost watched your movies and dramas so I'm looking forward this 2015 SADO. Without the romance, without the meaningless theatrics, without the cute-meets, without the overly sentimental moments and funny antics, how did he do? you can "President Joo" and you can be the hip hop "So Ji Sub"!!!!!! I really like the way you acted to your drama series "master's sun". I like his acting in I;msorry I love you but the story was so sad so as the "what happened in Bali" very fatal for me. I watched his drama "Master's Sun", it was when I started loving him.

He plays as Prince Sado's Son who (I think) later becomes King. Sometimes you have to give constructive criticism for a person to grow in his/her skill. Btw, I hope you'll open a V App account for your faithful fans around the world. It still awes me much that I do not recall when I registered the name 'So Ji-sub' in my head. I like your haircut it really suit in your character. Love that you have continued with your dream of hip hop and rap, love that you are sharing your dream with fans worldwide.... In my opinion So Ji-Sub is among one of the most versatile actors of this day and age. A and I am looking forward to seeing him cast in a drama or film in the near future. Its been such an amazing year for you and thank you for giving back to the fans.. I love all your work and continue to watch Cain & Abel as one of my favourites... I watched a youtube program about reunification and they spoke to a Jean (I will leave out her Korean last name.). I wish that "Master's Sun" can have a part two Or at least another drama series with the same leading lady Ms. I really love your chemistry you two are cute together even on interviews you two look like a real couple. i hope you will have another movie with the same leading lady. He could prove he's the real talented actor since Glass Slippers.

His roles have been the same for the past few years and I'm saying this as his hardcore fan. SJS is phenomenal on his acting especially in Oh My Venus. While many fans of So began falling in love with him from I'm Sorry, I Love You, I am still struggling with my memories as to when I started to learn about So. Looking forward to 'Oh My God' with the gorgeous Shin Min Ah...will be wonderful to see you again on the small screen, OMG! Thank you so much for the love and hard work you continue to do for the fans.... I loved him in "Rough Cut", "Always", and "Master's Sun" (My fav Kdrama of all time.) I know most folks will say that "Mianhada Saraghanda" was his best work, and maybe that's true but I guess I will never find out since I didn't get past episode 3 when I realized that there was not going to be a happy ending (I stay clear away from dramas that don't have happy endings) but yah so this is why I am one of the minority who agree that another work of his is the best instead of the drama that made So Ji-Sub a household name. I wish him all the best in all his future endeavors :) hey So ji sub, i miss you so much ! Appreciate all your music and congratulations and belated birthday wishes, may you continue to be happy, healthy and blessed as you continue your journey of life. Hope that the rest of 2014 will continue to shine and be successful for you and that 2015 will bring you more happiness, love and blessings always.... seems I have watched all his drama movie and all sjs you tube over and over and over again... what's keeping u busy (hope not chasing women he he ) ill be in korea by next year see yah!! You are a very talented person a Model, Singer, Businessman and an Actor . Super-duper attractive & sexy far much more than any other actors. First class performances from SJS & GHJ.a beautiful dialect, such passionate acting, the chemistry on screen was pure magic...

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