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During that time, Yad, who was also an employee at PUATraining used to be his inspirational mentor for daygame.

During his stint at PUATraining as a daygame teacher, he figured out that most of his students were more comfortable talking to women throughout the daytime.

Students are provided the best training when it comes to learn the art of pick up.

Without any doubt, Andy has worked really hard to turn himself into a successful daygame instructor, and during this process he spoke to thousands of women in order to refine his skills.

Given that these ‘differences’ revolved around his paranoid conviction that Rebecca had cheated on him - fuelled by his addiction to cocaine - the alarm bells should have been ringing from day one.

Yet, ITV’s vaunted ‘procedures’ failed to spot that the frightened, diminutive figure who appeared in their studios was lying when she said Juste had never laid a finger on her.

However, it is important to mention that PUATraining is a company that helps people to achieve their dating dreams.

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She had endured nine years of violence at Juste’s hands before he persuaded her to take part in the show to discuss their differences.

If we take a look into the past, Andy Yosha was basically a graphic designer.

After investing few years of his life studying graphics design, he started his career at PUATraining.

As a result, he changed his track from being a graphic designer to a pick up artist.

At PUATraining, Andy continued this job for 2 years, and during that time he taught “Daygame” lessons to hundreds of students.

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