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We spent lots of time taking bike rides on the cobblestone streets in Charleston hoping to help nudge delivery along, to no avail."We were all together the day Mark called to tell me that he had more explaining to do.

Another woman, it seemed, had come forward and suggested to a member of the press that she had also had relations with Mark, which meant he would likely have to address the accusation with an AP reporter who would be interviewing him later in the day. Mark had sworn to me when I'd discovered his secret back in January that Belen was the only "other" woman.

But, on Saturday, Chapur said that was a load of, Chapur said that despite very publicly calling her his “soul mate,” Mark had been reluctant to marry her, supposedly because he wanted to wait until his youngest child had turned 18 and he no longer had to battle Jenny over custody.

Still, she tried to get him to commit after a recent trip to We had a great time here, we were like in a honeymoon,” she said. K., let’s put a date, end of 2015.’ But that didn’t happen.

Now he explained that there had been nothing much at all with this new woman, nothing he had felt I needed to know about before.

It has been really painful to According to Chapur, she asked Sanford to keep their breakup private, but he posted about it on Facebook anyway.In time, however, I came to know this was just part of who he was.""A short while before the wedding, when Mark and I were picking readings and vows, Mark told me that he didn't want to use a wedding vow that included the promise to be faithful.He was worried in some odd nagging way, he said, that he might not be able to remain true to that vow.Here again he was asking for my advice instead of first considering how the news might make me feel.Here again he was only really admitting his indiscretions because the woman had come forward, forcing him to come clean.I would soon learn—secondhand from the AP interview—that Mark had had yet more dalliances over the years, but that in his opinion he had not "crossed the line" as he'd done with Belen.When I pressed him for details when I saw him a few days later, I understood fully that his and my definition of an appropriate line were not at all the same.She also suggested that Jenny wasn’t really the reason things didn’t work out.“I think that I was not useful to him anymore — he made the engagement thing four months before the elections,” she said.The scavenger hunt was clever and his notes and clues were ever so boyishly sweet. We had dinner guests, and I was proudly wearing my lovely new necklace.As soon as he saw me wearing it, he said "That is what I spent all that money on?! "Mark had told me where to look for the car in the Charleston airport parking lot and that the directions for the fifty-mile drive to Coosaw, the family farm, would be on a clipboard on the passenger seat.

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