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So I had to put a jacket on and it broke my heart because I designed a special dress just for them and it was so pretty.

Fox News: You refused to return to the Grand Ole Opry for 50 years. Jackson: They wouldn’t let me go on stage in the dresses like I was wearing. Regardless of how rambunctious everyone thinks I was back then, I was always a lady.

Conrad Murray 60 Minutes interview When presenter Liz Hayes asks Conrad Murray, “Do you think he was a paedophile?

” he dramatically pauses for 15 seconds before replying: “I’m not prepared to answer that question, not now.

Of course, he was my very favorite and he still is. Thompson, I would love to come sing with your band, but I gotta ask my mother." He said, "Well, how old are you?! So it’s not like they were going to do that anymore. Then it wasn’t long until he became so popular that we couldn’t go out after the show. Then he went to Hollywood to start his film career. Jackson: After I graduated from high school, I had a couple of songs by that time. I’m an only child, so daddy decided he should go with me. Fox News: How did Elvis encouraged you to sing rock ‘n’ roll? They mostly had to be cover songs because nobody thought a girl’s point of view would sell…

Not to be deterred, Liz Hayes presses on: “As a friend, someone that was his closest friend, I would have expected you to say “absolutely not”.” “Well, sometimes expectations are not always satisfied,” Murray continues.While the Mississippi-born crooner would go on to become the hip-swiveling king of rock ’n’ roll, his former girlfriend would thrive on her own as the tantalizing rockabilly queen. The Oklahoma native, now 80, is a celebrated music icon and a Rock & Roll Hall of Famer who still tours and continues to captivate new, younger fans. I just never did feel comfortable with those big ol’ heavy boots, the hat and the guitar around me… I was a big fan of Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. Also, I thought, I was covering up my assets, with the guitar and all that garb on! Jackson: You have to realize, back then, all the girls wore what was called "cowboy suits." Full skirts with maybe some fringe on it, a shirt and maybe a cowboy hat… I need more glamour." We came up with tight skirts, silky fringe and high heels. Secondly we have Conrad Murray, credited as “the doctor who killed Michael Jackson” by the fan community.While we won’t go in to the ins and outs of Murray’s trial, conviction or subsequent appeal as that is not the focus of this website, we will however note his comments in an interview he gave in November 2013 to Australian current affairs show 60 Minutes (a franchised version of the US stalwart).Jackson waited to see what he could get away with before progressing to the next level of intimacy. Why Wade would ruin his career by claiming abuse from Jackson is unfathomable, and no amount of money would be sufficient to cover the shame and embarrassment of admitting to (or even lying about) being sodomized by a celebrity such as Jackson.Also take into account the fact that Wade’s claim rests on whether a judge will allow his court action to continue or not, and you have a very shaky foundation on which to base the assumption that Wade is greedy.I have put them in that order for a very good reason, and it is this: The closer Jackson became to a boy, and the longer he knew a boy, the further the abuse progressed.Terry George had Jackson talking about masturbation on the telephone with him; Jason Francia endured hugging, then kissing, then fondling of his genitals (disguised as tickling); Jordan detailed a steady progression from hugging to kissing to fondling to oral sex; and Wade, who knew Jackson the longest and was seemingly the closest to him, included all of that plus went further to include sodomy. From what we know about acquaintance molesters they become more bold with their victims as time goes by. Jackson defenders insist that Wade Robson is only after money, and is lying about the abuse.

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