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On the other, does she now want an Israeli Jew to put her arm around her?But I did."History of mixed marriages Although Israel's religious nationalists have only recently spoken against such relationships, they are far from new.In April, six Israelis, including two soldiers, were arrested for racist attacks against Arabs with knives and other weapons and charged with "terrorist" offences.Police said they were influenced by a Lehava video.

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Rona says that she has not felt any racism coming from her boyfriend's family."It uncovered organised and pre-meditated activity believed to have been carried out by the suspects, known members of Lehava," it said.Not long after religious nationalists held a rally in Bat Yam under the banner of "Jewish girls for the Jewish people," a group of rabbis' wives published a letter urging Jewish women not to date Arab men.Jewish-Palestinian couples remain uncommon in Israel. But both the rally and letter point towards the difficulties faced by such couples, even those from liberal backgrounds.Rona, a young professional Jewish woman in her early thirties who asked to be identified by a pseudonym, has kept her relationship with a Palestinian man a secret from most of her relatives for almost four years.I just wanted to enjoy my life and not be harassed."When she did talk to her parents about her boyfriend, who is a non-practicing Muslim, they sidestepped the issue of his race, focusing instead on "cultural differences"."I was like, 'What are you saying? She describes the first time her parents met her boyfriend as "awkward"."I think it was actually their first personal interaction with an Arab, other than [those working in] stores and restaurants.That he's going to come home one day and want me to put on a hijab? I think it was a very emotional encounter for them.But, because of the political situation, there are moments when she feels a divide between them.She was living with her boyfriend when Operation Cast Lead began in December, 2008.Lehava opposes inter-marriage between Jews and Arabs, and in August 2014, its activists staged a rally where racist slogans, including "Death to Arabs!", were shouted at the wedding near Tel Aviv of a Muslim man and Jewish woman.

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