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Bridgewater is intriguing, but he hasn’t played in two years because of a gruesome knee injury, plus, I think the Vikings would like to bring him and Keenum back.

If Keenum goes free, I wonder whether he was a one-year wonder playing in the perfect situation, and I have the same reservations about Foles if the Eagles put him on the trade market.

So no, Rapoport’s report did not surprise me at all because I see the merit in not cutting ties to save million.

Here are some other thoughts I had this week:► The quarterback talk will only ramp up next week at the NFL scouting combine as the Bills – and the other 31 teams – take deep dives into the top prospects.

And believe me, what happens on the field inside Lucas Oil Stadium counts next to nothing in the team evaluations of these players.

All the coaches, GMs and personnel men have seen the game and practice tape from the college football season, and they don’t care how a guy performs in the immortal three-cone drill or the high jump.

For all his passing faults, he’s 23-20 as Buffalo’s starter and helped the Bills end their 17-year playoff drought.

And here’s the thing: Just because they pay him the bonus, they aren’t tied to him if something better comes along.

As the weeks have rolled by since the Bills were beaten by Jacksonville in the AFC wild-card round, trying to figure out what Sean Mc Dermott and Brandon Beane are going to do at quarterback has been a daily exercise.

That’s the information that matters at the annual NFL meat market.► Tuesday was the first day teams could apply franchise or transition tags on their 2018 free agents, and they can do so through March 6. Gaines played very well – when he was healthy – last year after coming to Buffalo in the Sammy Watkins trade.

I don’t think the Bills are going to use either designation, but if they do, I believe the only two players worthy of consideration are cornerback E. Brown led the NFL in tackles, and since joining the Bills as a third-round draft pick in 2014, he has never played less than 93 percent of the defensive snaps in a season, including 99 percent each of the last two years.

If they can win the Cousins’ sweepstakes, good for them.

He’s not worth the absurd money it will take, but he would certainly be an upgrade over Taylor and just about every other quarterback the Bills have had dating back to Drew Bledsoe’s one big season in 2002.

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