Is kat dennings dating anyone

The British actress met Hiddleston in 2008 on the set of the BBC show Wallander.

They dated for a couple of years until they broke up in 2011 when Hiddleston's career became his focus.

But that hasn't stopped people from hoping he'll eventually get together with one of his co-stars or some other famous actress.

Hiddleston's list of rumored girlfriends isn't as long as some celebrities have, but he's racked up quite a few supposed trysts with famous women like Jessica Chastain and Kat Dennings.

They got a little cozy at times, like at Comic Con when Dennings and Hiddleston were being pestered by paparazzi and she slipped her arm though his.The maker of this iconic cartoon character released a statement in which it says Kitty "is a girl,” which comes as quite a surprise, even though her official bio has stated this fact for years.It's Friday the 13th, and while superstitions about today abound, for some people it turns out this day which only comes around a few times a year is actually pretty fantastic.The Crimson Peak co-stars are friends (he even attended her karaoke birthday bash), and the media seized this friendship to start dating rumors for the pair in January 2013.Despite what the press says, though, Jessica Chastain has been very open about how she doesn't date actors.As long as Hiddleston continues to be friends with girls there's likely going to be many a dating rumor about him.Such is the price of fame, but at least he's not too bothered with the gossip.He's just going to keep living his life, because I'm sure he knows that without added fuel or attention, the rumors will eventually die down. Chock this one up to a bit of wishful thinking and a game of Internet tag! ) We had heard rumbling that one of our fave ladies was involved in yet another nude picture leak scare.Unless it's really, really old relative's birthday, then maybe all bets are off.The dating scene is tough to break into when your job demands wonky hours and call times at 2 a.m.

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