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Sadly it was not to be, and they broke up for good in 2012.Luckily though, Ben tried a more traditional dating method the second time around, and met his current girlfriend Stephanie Winn on the app Tinder.His amazing looks and dashing personality make any women go crazy for him, and everyone is curious to know about his dating life. Former contestant Jake Pavelka is always a sensation among girls since many years.He was in a relationship with Meghan Jones, but the couple is no longer together. He was in a relationship with some glamorous divas in the past but Jake appears to be single these days. Jake is also not active on social media and is living quite a private life.The two are pictured together in the Instagram above, and, no offense Chris, but they look pretty cute together.This is my favorite one, because it's so rife with speculation. Emily Maynard had two engagements through The Bachelor franchise: one to Brad Womack on Season 15 of The Bachelor, and one to Jef Holm on Season 8 of The Bachelorette.The two did some dating in 20, but Jake appears to be single these days. And, finally, we have De Anna Pappas, who was rejected by Brad Womack on his season, and whose relationship with Jesse Csincsak soon crumbled.

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Sure, the majority of the viewing public goes from intensely interested in your relationship and all of your choices to largely losing interest when and if things don't work out, but we're not the majority.So, even if you don't find forever on the show itself, it seems like there's a pretty good likelihood that just putting those serious relationship vibes out there helps you find something wonderful off-camera.Congratulations to all our happy couples, and may the rest of them find luck in the future.He was spotted with her for the first time in February 2010.Meghan is a Dallas-based wedding planner whom he met some months later his break up with ex-fiance Vienna Girardi. The Burning Love star revealed his relationship when he attended the grand opening of SHe by Morton's in Las Vegas. She hosted, and I was presenting an award." The heartthrob also added that "" and everything is going on well in their relationship.I personally am still very interested in where people end up once the microphones are off and the roses are no longer on the table. I don't need no stinking camera crew to tell me who my favorite Bachelor and Bachelorette stars are dating now. Instead, I roll up my sleeves, pull out my pop culture magnifying glass, and get to the bottom of this myself.So without further ado, let's take a look at who these 11 unlucky-in-televised-love members of Bachelor Nation are shacking up with these days.Similarly, he was also in a relationship with Tenley Molzahn.After two consecutive unsuccessful relationships the same year Jake was rumored to be dating Meghan Jones.As far as I can tell, he isn't in a relationship at the moment, although he did date fellow Bachelor Nation member Ash Lee Frazier for a minute.After things didn't work out with Bachelorette Season 5 winner Ed Swiderski, Jillian Harris was single for a while.

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