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When the band began recording Loveless in a London studio in February 1989, the label thought it would take five days.By September, they had moved studios and started all over again. Not only are there 40 decent Irish albums: many are even worthy of the tag "great".Here they are, as chosen by Brian Boyd, Jim Carroll, Kevin Courtneyand Tony Clayton-Lea Where did this list come from?"But the irony was that with these effects, you could actually play harder, and it sounded really different.

Shields explained the genesis behind the album's sound to Magnet.The best ones seemed to be from the 1970s and the 1990s." So here's the list. Label boss Alan Mc Gee has claimed that the recording budget bankrupted Creation, and there have been increasingly hazy recollections by the dozens of engineers who came and went during the two-year process in an estimated 18 different studios.Loveless has become a legend as much as a rock album. It was My Bloody Valentine's second album, the follow-up to 1988's Isn't Anything.They started recording it in 1989, took a break to tour in 1990 and finished the album in 1991.Since its release, Loveless has become a landmark record, lauded regularly and loudly as an album which, in so many ways, reinvented the sound of dizzy guitars, white noise melodies and ethereal harmonies.We started work at midnight, went to bed in the morning, not really waking up until 10 at night.When you do that for months and months, a year, years, you get pretty disorientated. The only thing that didn't seem to fit in was the outside world."We always talk about how Irish music has never been so strong.Yet I struggled to find more recent albums that would sit among the all-time greats. You may say thanks guys, I haven't heard all these; I'm going to buy, borrow or steal the lot and listen to them this weekend. 1 MY BLOODY VALENTINE: LOVELESSTHE yarns which surround Loveless are many."You so rarely hear your favourite albums in this job, given the volume of new stuff you have to listen to every week, so this was a real pleasure, dusting off albums that I might only listen to once a year, and playing the lot." Jim Carroll also enjoyed the process, up to a point."It didn't take me long to come up with a rough list of 30 great Irish albums, but the last 10 took a lot of head-scratching and a fair bit of spadework.

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