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He tried and also failed.” He only got to know his father in the last year of his life: 1964.

I've heard equally bad stories about her having complained to the Admiralty about him, which didn't do his career any good.” Nonetheless he says she raised her four children “absolutely impeccably.’ I said, ‘Well, I’ve been in prison for 400 days…’ and she scuttled away.” While the water boils, he takes me on a tour of the grounds.There are acres of rolling greenery, lapping over private tennis courts and spurting fountains. His former partner – or “concubine”, as he calls her – Bente Hogh ended their relationship when he was imprisoned, and he is single now. As he shows me the foliage proudly, he explains that he used to live half the year in Florida, but now immigration is “a nightmare.” He adds with a wag of the finger: “If you go to Florida, don’t go with a woman.“Hitler appointed me his biographer,” David Irving says. He is announcing that the Fuhrer – the man he has revered since he was a child – saw him coming.Yes: Hitler prophesied Irving as the man who would clear away the smears and bring The Truth at last to an unwilling world.“I don't know if you've read Hitler's Table Talk, but it's [in bites of] two or three page describing in the first person what Hitler said at lunch or dinner, from 1941 to 1944,” he says. They can communicate with each other, without actually [using] a language that you can hear…“It’s fascinating to read what Hitler was thinking. More than that I'm not going to say, I've got enemies enough already.” What could be more taboo in the Britain of the 1950s than to embrace Adolf Hitler, the man the country had united to defeat, as an alternative father-figure? Our house master was the gym teacher, which meant he was very muscular…“Giesing said it was his diary [of his time with Hitler]. ’ Hitler said ‘Yes that is true, how did you know that?’ And Geesing said he had read it in the biography of the Kaiser written by an Englishman, J D Chamier.” And he says Hitler replied: “One day, an Englishman will come along and write my biography.He mentions that the white coffee-cup Irving is holding works well against the green, and Irving says: “Well, it is an Aryan cup.” A picture of his father, John, stares out from the mantelpiece. “The rumour in the family was that when he found out that my mother was expecting twins – me and my brother – he turned and fled. There were various attempts, sporadically, at reconciliation. He came back once from Wales where he was living, and I've got a vague memory of him being there for three or four days and then kicking over the traces and going again.I remember in those two or three days, I went to Brentford school happy, nonchalantly mentioning that I was going to be having a chat with my father that evening. Then some time in the 1950s he came back for about another week.

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