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Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B, Malaria and Rabies vaccinations are sometimes recommended.

Yellow fever shots are required from travellers coming from affected areas.

It is a very important feature in Iraqi society to know your roots and have an identity.

Values and culture are handed down as a matter of routine from ancestors and there is very little change in attitude in spite of modern lifestyles.

The medical system is not as efficient as it used to be and it is safer to carry personal medication with you.

Hospitals are often overcrowded and doctors stretched to the limit. SOCIETY & CULTURE The People: The history of Iraq has been plagued with conflicts which has caused general perception to be somewhat distorted when it comes to its amazing culture.

Older family members are always deferred to and shown a great deal of respect when it comes to opinions and status.

Strong values of loyalty and obedience are inculcated in children at a very early age.

It is safer to peel fruits and vegetables after washing thoroughly.

Specific information relating to current guidelines should be had from embassies closer to date of travel.

Water and milk should be boiled before consumption.

A 3% minority adhere to Christianity, Judaism, and other religions.

Role of Family: Close affiliation with extended family is a hallmark of Iraqi society.

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