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Restore from i Cloud Backup." data-reactid="83"Depending on the amount of memory you purchased for your phone, you won’t be able to load it with every last cat photo and Grateful Dead track you’ve accumulated on your computer’s hard drive.But don’t worry; you can still have millions of songs at your fingertips by subscribing to streaming services like Beats, Rdio, or Spotify that work directly on your phone.Earlier this morning, a woman, known as 'Ba Hao Wan Zi Jiang' on Weibo, posted pictures of her silver i Phone X with cracks emerging from the bottom left corner.She claimed that she had dropped the 9,688-yuan (£1,119) 256G i Phone X on floor.If given a choice, I’d refrain from upgrading for now. Apple has engineered i Cloud Drive to be compatible with only the most updated software on all your devices.

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Mr Huang claimed his i Phone X was the first i Phone X that had been cracked in the world.

You’ll also be able to store excess photos and documents in i Cloud or other cloud-based storage systems like Dropbox. During setup, you’ll be prompted to enable it, and the screen will then instruct you to place a finger on the home button over and over again at different angles.

Ideally, you should save some elbow room on the device for new apps and all the photos and videos you’ll be taking with your tricked-out camera.4. It will then take photo after photo of your fingerprint, until you’re finally done.

If you choose to forgo Touch ID, at the very least lock your home screen when you’re offered the chance. The process of transferring your contacts from an old phone to your new phone will vary in difficulty, depending on how long you’ve waited to upgrade.

Otherwise, you will hate yourself the second you realize you left your phone at the Starbucks across town. Oftentimes, your personal mobile carrier will offer guidance in this department, but there are still a few ways you can fill in your address book without its help.

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