Intimidating sports colors

After you flood all six cookies, set them aside and let them dry overnight.

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So instead of “recreating the wheel,” here is the tutorial I used from Sweetness Online and found that I use this technique for both small and large roses.The main thing to remember when applying the Petal Dust is to as you go.Don’t try to get the end result with one application simply by using more of the dust.For darker colors being applied to a much lighter base, you will want to use the procedure described in the next paragraph.For this project, you will go from jar to cookie with the brush.I use the same concept, the only difference is that they show you how to make roses using buttercream.Using royal icing is a bit different in that I find it does work better with a little drying in between the first couple of petal layers.I use the basic Wilton Royal Icing Recipe (noted below) and use the icing straight from the mixer without adding any additional water.You’ll know it is the right consistency if, when you hold your spoon up, it doesn’t even budge from your spoon.It will also have sharp/solid edges to it and if you push your finger into it there will be an impression that remains in the icing.I use the toothpick method of making roses rather than using the Wilton Flower Stem.

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