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And at last report, that letter of credit had not been replaced with UMB Bank, the bond trustee.A personnel change comes with all the above as a backdrop.Of course when he gets to the top there’s no where to go but down.As bad luck would have it for Wilson, he picked the area of the wall that had the farthest drop to the ground--as the land behind the jail slopes off in this area (near the dumpsters), so his descent is estimated to have come from two stories high. So he is descending from the highest part of the wall,” Holland says.I have a hard enough time staying up to date on the social lives of family and friends, so I can’t relate to the desire to be mentally in tune with the personal lives of the highfalutin folks across the pond. Kinda like Best Buy giving you 12 months interest free.****** I think Best Buy offers you 12 months interest free as a reward for dealing with employees who can’t answer your questions.***** The last time you were in a Best Buy was there anybody else in there?

I contacted Salerno to see if she’d like to talk about Zona Rosa in general and her departure specifically.That sounds like a reasonable assumption based on what he was able to do and not be overly injured. “He assaults them (as of Tuesday Holland wasn’t sure whether there was just one officer--or two--in the booking area at the time of the incident), shoves past them, jumps across the booking desk,” Holland says. We found the probes from the taser outside the window. “We’re still looking into how he scaled the wall from the inside.Whether it hit him and he was able to go through it or whether it wasn’t a good hit is not clear,” Holland says. Was he able to simply scale it or did he jump on something. .” said Holland, who added he has not yet seen security video. So Wilson--and remember the state of mind (possible PCP) in which authorities believe he was brought into the jail--scales the interior wall.And Olshan Properties, the owners of Zona Rosa who in the past have covered the shortage in those bond payments, failed to cover the shortfall in 2017.A letter of credit was called upon by the bond trustee to cover the shortage.But the fortunate timing of the patrol vehicle switch by the deputy eliminated any further chase drama. The injuries from his adventurous afternoon weren’t serious. ****** One of the lessons here is that PCP is bad, kids. (Get less PCP and more Foley on Twitter @ivanfoley and find him on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and You Tube.****** Wilson was far from passive as he was being placed on a gurney being prepped for a trip to the hospital. He was trying to get off the gurney to fight at that point in time. So we are free to speculate as to why he was kept in the hospital for nearly 48 hours before being brought back to the jail around 6 p.m. You’ll also catch him hosting Landmark Live every Thursday night at’s Valentine’s Day and Between the Lines is here to give you that lovin’ feeling.The change is that Zona Rosa and Rosemary Salerno, the general manager of the shopping center since the time it opened in 2004, have parted ways.Salerno was the face of Zona Rosa, an outgoing personality always visible at Zona’s public events.****** Remember back in mid-January when I predicted the KU basketball team will not survive the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament this year?Still feeling pretty good about that prediction, you guys.

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