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“I just want the best product for my police officers, and I trust my police chief to make that recommendation.”Waring also confirmed that he met with Smith last year but couldn't pinpoint the date, although he said he was sure it was before Williams was sworn in.Waring said he explained to Smith that he opposed buying cameras at this point because he thought funds would be better spent hiring more police officers.“The City could not have accepted the offer unless it was willing to torpedo two properly conducted competitive solicitations.”Holm said Taser’s offer violates the city’s procurement code and "creates the appearance of ethical impropriety."“Please refrain from submitting anything similar to the offer again,” Holm wrote in closing.“If Taser fails to comply with this directive, the City will consider debarment proceedings against the company.”City spokesman Urbinato said a debarment prohibits a company from bidding for one to three years.Taser’s campaign stretched into January, after the vote on the body-camera contract for Vie Vu had twice been delayed. 12 pitch for free equipment and training was rejected in a strongly worded Feb.6 letter from City Attorney Brad Holm, which was included in The Republic's public-records request."Taser’s free-camera offer was intended to improperly influence the City to choose Taser’s equipment,” it read.18.“I want to make sure we have different specifications in a body-worn camera system that's going to minimize human error, that it is going to give an expanded field of view, and that’s going to be the best system to serve the officers and our community.”Williams said that she didn’t have the chance to provide input for the first bid, which was issued a year ago.“However, in my role as the chief, I am expected to bring experience and perspective to decision-making processes that will have long-term impacts on our services,” she said.

In metro Phoenix, its client roster includes Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, Glendale, Peoria, Tempe and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.Urbinato said these contacts didn’t make a difference in the bidding process, since Taser already had been disqualified. The mayor said he did, in fact, meet with the Taser CEO Smith Oct. Stanton said Smith had texted him the night before, and he had an opening in the morning.“The first thing he said was they were no longer participating because they had been disqualified, and it wasn’t about the current RFP,” Stanton told The Republic.Stanton said the conversation largely centered on Smith presenting the Taser product as superior to its competitors.Vie Vu, based in Seattle, markets itself as an affordable, easy-to-use alternative.Phoenix’s current pilot-program cameras were issued by Vie Vu.According to a letter from the city, Black had reached out with questions after learning that Vie Vu had been named the bid winner on Sept. The voicemails violated city rules that require losing bidders to communicate only through the procurement officer, a city official wrote.“Please be advised that Taser has violated the solicitation transparency clause and therefore is disqualified from further consideration of award,” Phoenix contracts specialist Claudia Ruiz wrote in a letter to Josh Isner at Taser International.Tuttle said the representative was reaching out to Phoenix officials because Taser had been contacted by a reporter about the bid.“As a longtime current vendor and partner of the Phoenix PD, we did not want to comment without first discussing with them, so our Taser weapons manager contacted the department for guidance on how we should answer,” Tuttle said in an email.In an interview with The Republic, Williams said her decision to restart the bidding process had nothing to do with Taser’s outreach.Williams said she received the letter offering free services on Jan.Taser gave lucrative stock options to six police officers from 2001 to 2003, most of whom promoted Taser's stun guns and, in some cases, urged their cities to buy them.Court records in 2005 revealed that officers in Arizona, California, Washington, Texas, and Canada received thousands of company stock options, some only weeks after urging police commanders or city officials to purchase Tasers.

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