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Flirting with women, although sounds easy enough, is actually pretty hard to do correctly.

I have outlined seven things that I do myself personality to get insane results. They say things like: That totally blows off our game and makes it hard for a man to recover from a situation like that.

As you can see, you’re incorporating both a theme into the role play and also a role reversal where you make it out again as if she’s the one trying to seduce you. Nicknames – by giving her a nickname you create a private world and language that only the two of you would understand. The easiest way to be “fun and entertaining” is to be playful and just tease her. If she’s telling you that her mother passed away that is no time to be playful.

This creates rapport and a sense of comfort with you much more rapidly than referring to her using her name, because this is much more personal. Don’t take anything she has to say seriously and always make what she says as a joke to further mock her for fun. I think that’s pretty self evident, but I just had to mention it.5.

Avoid the friends zone – this is pretty obvious, but if you think your flirting and you still end up in the friends zone then obviously you’re not giving her the right signals during your interaction.

If you flirt and tease women correctly, there’s no way you can just end up in the “friends zone”, you might end up in the “friends for now zone” but never the dreaded “friends zone”.

All you need to do is say something like: As you can see, once you take on the role of a hot woman and she’s the one that suddenly is trying to get YOU into bed, it’s not only silly but funny. For example, girls like to dress up sexy and look damn slutty. This explains why women dress like to total whores during Halloween, and that’s why it’s totally awesome. Create a scenario where you can say things to her and disguise your thoughts as part of the role play.

Make her comfortable – a side note to build attraction is the fact that she needs to feel comfortable and safe in your presence.

If you flirt with her properly, you’re going to end up giving her the impression that you have known her forever.

If you apply the 7 principles of being a great tease I just told you about, you’re going to have absolutely no problem getting in the pants of the women you’re after. Because you’re being a massively attractive, confident guy that makes her laugh each time she talks to you.

These are the emotions she’s going to feel after being in your presence IF you pull off what I just told you to do:1.

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