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Despite earlier indications that Ihe univer- sity would hire separate firms for Ihe campus plan and any resulting renovations or construction pro- posals.

While Sewanee remains a small liberal aris school, it successfully provides for an entertaining and eventful community that hope- fully caters to the needs of all stu- dents, parlicularly the needs and interests freshmen. page 2 Feature: Raghav Virmani intervievjs Dallas Fed Bosb. page 3 Opinion: Ryan Collins recommends keeping cool head.See Page 2 for Complete list of New Faculty Student Forum Unveils Plans for New Dormitory by R j ian Cosgrove Editor-in-Chief At a recent I'orum, ihc architec- tural firm of Mac Lachlan.Cornelius and Filoni (MCF) met with Sewanee students and com- munity members to unveil plans for a new residence hall The new dormitory, which planners hope will provide housing for students in all four classes, may begin con- struction us early as June 2002 The architectural firm only re- cently completed work on the university's Campus Master Plan, which called for the construction of a new residence hall.and as they left the store they decided to "whip "em out and urinaie" m the parking lot of the store Just then, the local police came by and came over to inform the two thai they could be stamped as sex offenders on their records tor what they were doing.Of course, seeing that the two had just bought alcohol, ihe police checked and found that they were also not 2 1 . ex- pccting thai the people would be long gone, only lo find ihem sitting at ihe horse bams, smoking marijuana. the chief goi a call and he was off once again to fighl cnme on Ihe streets of Sewanee, but nol without reminding mc thai everyone needs to register iheir car N.Likewise, ihe freshmen halls m the nght wing of the building will fa- cililaie a much more social atmo- sphere Despite Ihc separation of the classes, however, a large common room and entry hall will connect the two wings Hopefully, placing the main entrance and common upperclassmen The right wing of the building should offer an even greater amount of variety Many of the rooms will resemble Ihe Benedict suites, with separate bedrooms and study areas.However, unlike Benedict, the desks and shelves will nol be built-in lo allow for more flexibility.Robert Bachman, Assistant Prolessor of Chemistry Dr.Charle-s Bradbury, visiting Assislanl Professor of Economics Dr.Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2013 etoanee purple UNIVERSITY OF THE SOUTH SEWANEE, TENNESSEE, September 14. Staff Wiltr Over thousands of applications to sort thorough, siudcnis lo ac- cept and some lo reject, outings 10 plan, several siudcnis lo listen to in that lime ot need along with hundreds of lives tn help skelch out, so that an education worked on for the pasi few years isn'l wasted These arc a just a ponion of the duties attached to the positions of the new directors and faculty members entering Sewanee this year, "Sewanee has always been a central place for me," said Catherine Swearingen. This year, in addition to the Grad School Fair, the office of career services has also planned a num- ber of lectures, job fairs, intern- ships, and excursions lu help stu- dents find a career that suites them. 1 A Nation in Shock Wave of New Staff Hits Campus by Nicole Lawrence Piiolo by R.^gnav Virmani Sewanee students watch in horror as reports continue to flow in concerning the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington. See Page 4 for more complete coverage ol the events.

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