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If hepatitis C is not disclosed to a healthcare provider and the treatment provided causes harm because of the hepatitis C, it will be more difficult to hold the healthcare provider responsible for making a mistake.

It is not legal to refuse to provide services to people because of a “disability” and this can include healthcare services.

People with hepatitis C do not have a legal duty to tell them.(See below for information about “Sharing drugs and drug equipment” and “Having sex.”) Because HCV is not transmitted through casual day-to-day contact, employees do not have to disclose to employers or unions that they have hepatitis C.Employers cannot ask about a hepatitis C infection during the application or interview process.This means that when a person is diagnosed with HCV his or her name (and likely other information) is given to local, provincial or territorial Public Health.Public Health officials have a responsibility to monitor cases of infectious diseases, including hepatitis C.Generally, they do not have to disclose health information to other people unless they choose to do so.Also, healthcare professionals and staff cannot tell other people about someone’s health information unless they are given permission (known as “consent”) to disclose the information.So it is important to be careful around blood and to avoid exposing other people to infected blood.As long as a person follows proper precautions there is really no risk of passing on HCV to the people he or she lives with, so there is no legal duty to disclose his or her hepatitis C infection to them.Public health laws require certain health professionals (and sometimes labs and other people) to report cases of HCV infection to Public Health.Public Health may keep a record or database of people who have been infected with infectious diseases such as hepatitis C.

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