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The first 35 stations with permission by the former Ministry for the Press and the Media of Greece and the remaining 10 stations with permission by the Greek National Council for Radio and Television.

In the Thessaloniki region a licensing bid for 27 FM frequencies has been on hold for several years, while engineering studies have shown that up to 19 more radio stations could possibly broadcast safely in the region, though how many, if any, additional frequencies will be tendered remains uncertain.

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Most radio stations in Thessaloniki broadcast from Mount Chortiatis, slightly northeast of the city.

A very small minority broadcast from or have repeaters in other points throughout the region.

Currently, 44 private radio stations are legally permitted to broadcast in Athens, in addition to the state radio broadcast stations.

Focus Bari was chosen as the official company to measure audience listening data and ratings for stations in the Athens region.

There are some who believe that the government shut down these stations as a political favor to powerful publishing and media groups, whose stations, for the most part, remained on the air; others argued that the licensing process was legally inconsistent.

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Most broadcast on the FM band; the AM band has been almost entirely abandoned by broadcasters, with the exception of State-run media and a few other stations.

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