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He said the European Council on Monday will discuss the refugee crisis and adds that he believes unaccompanied children in the Calais camp who have relatives in Britain, should be able to join them.“We should play our part”, he says and "we must support Greece with migrant hotspots." Hollande says that he discussed Europe with the British Prime Minister and hopes that Britain will vote to stay in the EU.He just said he hopes he's dead the next time the EU debate comes up in the UK, tells the audience it's a once in a lifetime decision."I'm saying it's very dangerous to throw that cake away and hope you find a better cake", Lord Rose says of having your cake and eating it - being inside the EU and still trading with other countries.Sajid Javid: I am still a 'Brussels basher' The Business secretary has branded himself a "Brussels basher" despite backing the remain campaign, urged people to think carefully before casting their vote on the future of the EU.

He has his own views and he is often willing to set them out clearly." The eurosceptic Tory MP, James Cleverly, tweeted: "Project Fear (International Edition).

The press conference has kicked off in France and Hollande is speaking first.

He said that as Britain is not a member of Schengen, refugees in Calais should have their rights recognised in France.

"When it comes to terrorism, when it comes to security, when it comes to our borders, we are better off, we are stronger inside a reformed EU.

The Prime Minister is now up and announces a £17 million to help move refugees from Calais to safe places in France and "priority security infrastructure".

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