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Turns out, they were taking us to a garage that Larry and Sergey rented from Google’s now senior VP Susan Wojcicki a few years into their Googlequest.] So, what does all that mean for you?Mostly, that Google Now for i OS will be able to alert you of things it’s noticed without you having to enter the app.With this, you now have an idea on what is currently going on with the team.Depending on what sport you are checking, you might be able to get a Play-by-Play or a Life Update of the game.If you are a sports fan, then you certainly do not want to miss out on important sports events during the fall season.You want to celebrate your favorite football team's overwhelming win against its first round rival, right?As Google Now can run constantly in the background on Android, it’s been able to do such things for a while now.On i OS, however, most apps are shuffled into a state of hibernation, requiring developers to use Apple’s push notification system to send background alerts to the user.

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It is possible to list all of the Google Now NFL scores through this app.In fact, you can get all of the scores for specific sports leagues.All you have to do is input the acronym of that sports league into the Google search box.You just have to tap the Live Update option or the Play-by-Play option located at the bottom.These are the links that can take you to the actual league's website and provide you with constant updates.It will be easy to get instant notification of how your favorite baseball team is doing without too much hassle.There are numerous methods to keep yourself updated with the latest Google sports scores. Here are some of the methods to help you use Google now for getting instant scores and sports news.This is the best method to quickly find roundup for a particular day's action, specific teams, and specific scores.It should be easier to get the latest news about your favorite sport instead of sifting through various mobile sports apps.The Google Now app will then deliver the score even when the game is in progress.Aside from that, the team's schedule will also be shown.

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