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About 83 percent of the women who were given the additional MRI screening did not meet the standards for being at high enough risk to warrant an MRI.

On the other hand, only a fraction of women who did meet the guidelines were given MRIs.

Tomosynthesis takes multiple two-dimensional images and compiles them into more detailed 3D renderings of breasts.

Some insurers cover the newer screening process, but the 3D mammogram may come with up to 0 in extra charges to a patient.

And the US Preventive Services Task Force, a government advisory group, recommends starting at age 50, with mammograms every other year.

It, too, says 40-somethings can choose earlier screening.

A 3D mammogram - marketed to catch more cancers - may only increase false positives and anxiety for women unnecessarily, rather than more effectively diagnosing the worst cancers, experts worry.

Traditional mammograms take two-dimensional images of breasts (pictured), revealing abnormal tissues or tumor.

This group underwent MRIs 'at many times the rate of other women, although the harms and benefits in this population are uncertain and the cost-benefit ratio may exceed established benchmarks,' said lead author Dr Deirdre Hill of the University of New Mexico School of Medicine.Some studies have found tomosynthesis detects more cancer with fewer false alarms; they're often advertised as particularly useful for younger women's dense breasts.Understand that mammograms come with pros and cons, and weigh them, said Dr.If they are found to be more effective, the new technology could become the norm, so US health officials and the National Cancer Institute are starting a huge study to tell if the newer, sometimes pricier, choice really improves screening.Mammograms can save lives if they catch aggressive breast cancers early, but screenings can lead to over-diagnoses.The 3D mammograms have been marketed as being able to find more cancers.'But the idea isn't so much finding more cancers as finding the cancers that are going to be life-threatening,' said Dr Worta Mc Caskill-Stevens of the National Cancer Institute, which is funding the new research to tell whether the 3D scans truly pinpoint the tumors that matter most.Archaeologists are now hoping to unravel some of their secrets with a new project that will use 3D scanners to record the carvings (an extensive cup and ring carting at Achnabreck in Kilmartin Glen pictured) Researchers have few ideas about what the significance of the carvings are.More and more radiology center have 3D mammograms that compile more images and, supposedly, improve the chances of breast cancer detection, but there is little research on their effectiveness.Women with a 20 percent or greater risk of developing breast cancer based on their family histories, among other factors, should be given MRIs in addition to mammograms, according to guidelines from the American Cancer Society, the American College of Radiology and the Society of Breast Imaging.If women have one or fewer first-degree relatives with a history of breast cancer, they are not supposed to be given additional MRI screening.

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