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View of the Amazon basin taken by MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer), a key instrument aboard the Terra and Aqua satellites, showing the impact of the surface moisture and rivers in particular on shallow clouds.

“Current Earth system models underestimate these precipitation and radiation feedbacks mainly because they underestimate the biosphere response to radiation and water stress response,” Green says.

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“But, until our study, researchers have not been able to exactly quantify in observations how much photosynthesis, and the biosphere more generally, can affect weather and climate,” says Julia Green, Gentine’s Ph D student and the paper’s lead author.The Moscow Office of Freie Universität Berlin provides services for all members of Freie Universität Berlin, its alumni, and (prospective) students, researchers, and partners in Russia and the CIS, who want to inform themselves about Freie Universität Berlin and its offers in Russia, and who are interested in cooperation.As a first contact point the Moscow Office answers questions about undergraduate and graduate study programs in Berlin and Russia, gives advice on doctoral/Ph D studies and research stays at Freie Universität, and supports the initiation and furthers the development of joint projects with Russian partners, including advice about funding mobility and research.They then applied a statistical technique to understand the cause and feedback loop between the biosphere and the atmosphere.Theirs is the first study investigating land-atmosphere interactions to determine both the strength of the predictive mechanism between variables and the time scale over which these links occur.“By more accurately observing and modeling the feedbacks between photosynthesis and the atmosphere, as we did in our paper, we should be able to improve climate forecasts on longer timescales.” Vegetation can affect climate and weather patterns due to the release of water vapor during photosynthesis.The release of vapor into the air alters the surface energy fluxes and leads to potential cloud formation.It shows great promise in the Excellence Strategy, the successor to the Initiative.In Berlin researchers are already successfully working together in numerous projects.The researchers found that substantial vegetation-precipitation feedback loops often occur in semi-arid or monsoonal regions, in effect hotspots that are transitional between energy and water limitation.In addition, strong biosphere-radiation feedbacks are often present in several moderately wet regions, for instance in the Eastern U. and in the Mediterranean, where precipitation and radiation increase vegetation growth.

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