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They work in teams, so during the day his name might be ‘Steven,’ and when the other guy comes on duty, it changes to ‘Stephen.'” Reputable dating sites have an internal operation tasked with weeding out these fraudsters, says Mark Huffman, a reporter for Consumer Affairs, a news and advocacy organization based in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

But, it’s not as effective as everyone would like it to be.

Now, they are lonely and scared, and if they are over 25, they have no idea how the dating scene works,” Fleet says.

“Another red flag is if the scammer forgets how to spell his name.

Divorcees are especially vulnerable, author Fleet says.

“Their spouse may have told them they were fat and worthless.

Sometimes, others they tell, shame them, too,” Nofziger says.

Anyone can call the AARP Fraud Watch Network helpline at 877-908-3360, Nofziger says.

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