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She scouted women with all sorts of stories, It was a iron-walled woman who adhered to the rule of ironing. (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Having a new place in a tranquil share house, Ibuki is afraid of women because of his poor childhood memories.

Koharu, owner of Share House, always has a strong and strong type of owner, causing troubles with Ibuki many times.

However, Aiko’s pelvis caused her to be miscarried and became a legacy, and has since become a sexless couple. (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Former stewardess Ritsuko is enjoying a honeymoon with her husband doing a clothing business.

Because of the business, my husband often vacated the house, and Ritsuko is going to be soaked in loneliness without knowing it, My friend made a meeting and got a suggestion that he would go out with him. (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Ryoko, who has been living a small snack bar for her beloved daughter Mina after divorcing her husband.

(Synopsis / Review) Film Story: A team of reporters has come to a village known to be haunted by ghosts on every full moon.

Koharu’s younger brother likes to put these two together and plans with the share house ... Upcoming “special mission” is head hunters to the withdrawal of the human resources in the enterprise.

(Synopsis / Review) Film Story: cartoon hero who received the special mission to success, drama, etc. In order to obtain the best talent, various means of spy battle unfolds. (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Iwana who lived without a proper friend since childhood.

He feels pleased that his friends’ mockery and violence are also of interest.

After graduating from school, he works as a kitchen assistant, but even he does not have to worry about it.

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