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bul rlean Eing meaii H more limn just sonp and walfir! t'drlf in 19SJ, Midmpl Wild- ing joioed and Micharl Tiiriri in Mexico to facilitate a qak X divorce fn Fehntnry 2, m?

Hufly t'orur* (]fi[fl (irrarf) - thflf -J thr j M^f wny Iti wliiftk 2/'J, jars 4/11 and 7/11. Irene luiid ihut her busbnnd itiited ,1* tei'advisrf on S^tbrirui\ Au^irat Lm iwing K. If Eddie marries Liz, noi only will he he jcittmi a glanior-gliiterini J wi'ft, uf « |(Oori English ramily, who tnansiji's the lovifest-cut lirtsse* and the maa eiiiboratr l.jiilljrt 1h, \' ii (iiir Mnir Tffdih ii Jnonfht, uihilr Difbhir ho Sd M Cmrrijt, 2, Jewds and still, vomehow, looli n lacly. Eliiaheth, today, alter "Cut on a iio L Tin Roof," is in great tlfiuartd. TVof prettif Ri^ht now, 1 suppose, the price he is payiof; lor thht , - .

1 4t al CHTs Crrmains Ro^hrt ahamt tiftr «/ hf T £jn|Mrc-ffiir rnrning tlv MU'M tn Um. Tnc ker ill the Ktern of the bt Ml, the tfiupne at balf-p)f Mfttf wtll out in [he rhuinel whtu ihc iky begun to ttf^i" thj cloud, A STOT ? Cut irk ha H Ipngthwayv itandifiq rtjynd J its creem, lurrounded with chocb Ute wuee. Serving ot if Tiwbftrfy ice ctcarri wjffi sind whippe? AIR'i ND/A Ht Epfut Boohme Inifprm^t Jciii fr&ni i^our Travei Ajient.

R^AJ^,, Mttmem Erna vtm drr Fiofti nnd Jettnifrr tnr» Art Gaiifry. " Out frntii tile «hote thf night wind blew in ihe hay. ' suiround&cf wi^ raipbarry lyrup (or t Kin jomi, tsrvinq, of vdnillit ICO cr*«m tapped with cre Jrn and ch«fry. tric He of peppermint-flavoured syrup, topping of whipped tream and Itrdw berry. vanil U Ic* fit-earn,, few llicei of banana, itrawborry 'klu cream, sllcei of poislies, whipped cri? You cao lu Kuri Htc by Air India to Nairohi vis Kaiac Kt and Aden, too. I'hc lunmrntari- ii frr- i|ue Tiily baiiai, ,ind ncvrr fit Ti- rkfis- Bui ihrft.- are lanfl itretche* with nf Et JCwl pbotflfi- rapbv and iam E- ex^hiai^— iiionifntt, tdit the actiun goi^s nn ju^t a bit too long, Tiirj m;iiii- rlhsr scrapes lead to destrny ihf jt^0I rtallty Treated by the good worlt 111 the pxrellwi Uy cast lalitniiriiie criw.

She hj.i cofiled me Qt oner of Daisy's drath; biil when die irii-t me on Klt arrival of Daisy's will, I had suii^iasted lt:^:^nl J^ Gal Victm to lunch, too— and wished 1 Wdn't «I i. "This will, then, kneels all previous Vlon lyplii-d. s put ir in your own style.'' "Oh, no.'' ^uanip s-iid, banding him ,1 pad of femns.. They vwre r-'li' ijlly d™t^cd for hii lurrow hips by a Miidi Hin Avfnue Liil- r. Dining m inri- Frr.i,.p)u stylp preview of hi* l[ohig-away nppari-l in Albriglit N"-, York [ipariment, liis fru'itdt cbpprd their hands and cn;„iined »t theii nnartncss, and lliey had all cnthusiasittally uti d he looked like □ Britfeh uflicer long in the de»r L Rjllirr likt' a Sanrlfaiir^t nan, one of rhem had Sllid- *.i)d, rsrslling his frirnds, Albright wished with al| hia hf-ir' h« waa back with them, infitnri of stimdin R lilte a con- g-«i'.i1 idiot, nwniliiig the pleaniir of s nian whose WMe and i^n-^ of delifacy miwl have been nurtured near the rear Mid of jri ardllery horse. J'j W nui a crirkrt fan, bui as Q TV /nn / had a Uwk iii tht excf Uent. didn't h^wf any partii u Lif li'oublr "ilaiher Illy mrprise, J did not lluw i^ttes ciir ai Sair with IJkiy fclhd? itf Tire nrd fcrrh Sur'Anne» and ihcy would both Icavr hitn 'u\ ptrai-e so he L'auld do Kjme riur^Lxn^ "Hd! i^l Api Hy yava a^ilt- it£) ■Jfiinli ii NJl Ed ujmjj.

bill di'- writied betl CT, itnd ihr Ind diart^rufi a plant, so we mil' off. h i^od coots." '.(, riora isad inwo in from Manila the ptrvinti.', day. llf m de all the arraniiemcnij." , 1 addressed Cal Vjckeis. TUA daah MET, Curkim isn't it.*" "If you havp .1 pencil ^and^ I'll write i( out; then you can til Ure or 1p? Your wottlr I lem S." She tappetl hpr head "Monkey ! Adam slowly pruited 0111 the wnrdv wiiich had come (0 his mind in the strcel. to, hf fmmd hiitii K-tf wondering again about the tpmpt. , and it lemed certain to him niiw thai thef W-JK no pos Hible rctrra L He handed the pad To Sunnic Mandel, im S wnlcbeil her eye, carefully u dte read it nloutj, LAZ\' F. It W3i not easy thesf days, he Ihoughi; partly Wause in Plkr'i prenence he had ihc itran Kes wrong with his shurts. 1 v,-»nt to keep commiittication with Tuamanj rif;ht up to the last minute," Pitc shot his arm forward and sknccil at hi* writt-walch- He frowned, 'Tl's olmfvsl nioe-ihirty now, so you'll have to r Tucklng. What had hcgun ai n harmtcai f thr mci Eit anrnundin;^ frdts uf i]i[LLndlii^ 'ii vv^s is shoivii in This dontmi^n Tiirv. I tion i Ihink hr fc«Ii very wr FI.'* "Miivlwr lie's bcej6 wof ryjui^ TOfvt "Diiti'i irjill llx^ ktnt{ yoiii- sc W. ry' Kthrf nmy hnl- *fpiily lin*I *t*mp rii C'tny "' "IJu! " Pifcc forced -i •'hurkle nnd wis^hrd tkat Al- hrifiht wrjuld Rrt oot of hi^. fe 60 They share a beauty secret It's that clear, smootli complexion For skin like a baby's — fresh, flawless and ratiiant — use Pears, tlir so;ip ihai's babv-mild and pure. Yau w^t tr*t*J lijfl iti.m, cir be B-t ft wi;£k:flnil h4iua« pvrt-:^.

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