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According to a 2008 survey, conducted in 15 schools throughout Sofia, Varna and Plovdiv, 10.5% of students identified as bisexual, whereas 1.8% identified as gay and 87.7% as straight.

Of these students, 15% said they wouldn't want a gay friend and 29% said they would categorically refuse to sit next to a gay classmate.

Nevertheless, since 2004, single lesbian women have had access to IVF.

After the Liberation of Bulgaria, homosexuality was recriminalized.

The survey also showed that Bulgarians were more tolerant toward lesbians rather than gay men. A Pew Research Center published in May 2017 suggested that 18% of Bulgarians were in favor of same-sex marriage, while 79% opposed it.

Support was higher among Orthodox Christians (19%) and 18–34 year olds (26%), in contrast to Muslims (12%) and people aged 35 and over (15%).

Later, in 1966, when revising the Penal Code, a group of experts decided that homosexual acts will no longer be considered a crime because lesbians and gays "are ill people, who shouldn't be punished because of the sufferings they are already going through (due to their illness)".

In 2012, on the question if same-sex couples will soon have further rights like the right to marry or adopt children, former Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said: "for something [like this] to happen, society needs to become ready for it." Hate crimes against LGBT people are not uncommon in Bulgaria, and are often ignored and go uninvestigated by authorities.

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