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In 2005, he started the gender reassignment process.

Mc Cormack holds a graduate degree in divinity and worked in the Unitarian Universalist fellowship ministry.

Peruse the Internet for creative ways to fund gender reassignment and sites that advocate the any-means-necessary approach pop up.

Connecting with wealthy "benefactors," escorting and illegal sex work solutions are often among them.

SRS helps a person born male or female switch their gender by changing outward appearances. For males transitioning to females, top modifications include breast augmentation and facial feminization.

Bottom modification consists of constructing female genitalia with a vaginoplasty.

Securing a steady position has been tough, though, so he's now starting his own consulting business.

There are online guides galore, as procedures can be significantly less expensive in the Philippines, Mexico and Thailand. For something that important, you need to have the exact right doctor to make sure you have the best outcome." says Shanahan. Reputable online guides for doctors who perform sex reconstruction in the States are published on Planet Transgender.

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