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Her business attire had consisted of matching skirt and jacket, obviously tailor made.The skirt was cut just above the knee, allowing a hint of the strong, toned legs she strode upon.Aside from a wedding band that boasted a rock that was probably worth a small country, she wore just a Cartier wristwatch and a mother of pearl necklace. She felt secure in her wealth and had no need to flaunt it. After looking at the last photograph, she slipped them back into the manila folder. No glistening of tears, no maniacal look of wigging out. Apparently placated, Andrea rose, the meeting over.It was as if shed just glanced at the lunch menu at the club. Drummond escorted her to the door and bid his farewells.

A few discreet questions later, and she found that he did indeed have what she was looking for.The jacket needed no shoulder boarding, there was no slump nor slouch to her carriage.From the shoulders, it tapered down pleasingly to her trim waist, then back out over full hips.Her three inch heels brought her up to almost his, six foot height. The small ringlets spun down to her shoulders, framing the stunningly attractive Celtic features of her face.He didnt know beans about shoes, except to know that these would probably cost him a weeks salary. A light sprinkling of freckles on her cheeks gave her a remarkably youthful appearance.Still, Drummonds deliberations continued, as he leafed through the 8X10 glossies, Hes one lucky bastard, too. Her ankles were spread wide, more cords holding them to the corners of the bed. He decided, and placed the folder in his wall safe.Walstons back was arched, his face grimacing with his own orgasm. Andreas drive back home wasnt a white knuckled simmer, nor blurred vision of rage.Her upbringing didnt allow for such emotional folly.She calmly and rationally went over the options as she saw them. There would be no monetary gain in this, as it was her family fortune that fueled Maxwells pet projects.Hesitant at first when the topic had been raised, it hadnt taken long for Andrea to become a willing participant.Being raised to always have a tight rein on her emotions, the act of being bound had actually proven to be a source of freedom.

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