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Two attempts to curtail fluoridation of public water supplies have been shot down by a committee of the New Hampshire House.One bill, HB230, would have made it harder to file petitions seeking to add fluoride to water supplies.It is going to be an unknown and probably very lengthy time before the clean water we knew ten years ago is fully restored.Unfortunately the city engineer stopped monitoring fluoride in water when the fluoride taps were turned off but issued assurances that water would be free of fluoride in a few days.

City Council none-the-less voted 4 to 3 to continue fluoridation. A change of Government was a right citizens could exercise by petition and would cause election of an all new city council.

The pro fluoride Mayor determined that city business was hindered and proposed a compromise: he would change his vote, stop fluoridation now until another more conventional advisory public vote could be taken; the council would agree however to follow its results.

His compromise passed 4 to 3 and fluoridation was shut off pending a further election.

When and if adopted it will limit city's administrative powers, giving citizens more powers.

Citizen anger when an advisory vote on fluoridation was ignored and a conscientious Mayor putting his city's best interests above his preference favoring fluoridation did the rest. An educational program on fluoridation conducted in 2015 was followed by an advisory ballot which was distributed to 9,762 water rate payors, one per residence..

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