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Ivalice is a kingdom created by Mewt Randell's imagination after he bought the Gran Grimoire from a bookstore.Mewt and his friends—as well as the entire town—were brought to this kingdom after Mewt uttered magic words to the Grimoire.The continents are dominated by an assortment of industrialized city-states: the Archadian Empire and the Kingdom of Nabradia in Valendia, the Rozarrian Empire in Ordallia, and sandwiched between the two continents is the Kingdom of Dalmasca.Strategically located between the rival neighboring states of Archadia and Rozarria, Dalmasca's position as a neutral buffer region between the two countries is eliminated when it is invaded by the Archadian Empire.Sadly, the changing nature of gaming has seen a change in focus away from cheat codes and text-based game guides, and as such Game has become less relevant over time.The Game Community has also ceased operations after 17 years of memories formed, friendships forged, relationships cemented, and connections made.Ivalice is referred to as a kingdom, similar to a European country in the Middle Ages.

You get the point at the beginning of the game and you will get more points as you make friends with more girls. You should do your utmost to get more points of health, HP or money.

There are also many girls in the game, such as Tifa, Rinoa, Selphie, Quisitis, Garnet, Yuna, Lenne, Sarah.

Created by Yasumi Matsuno, Ivalice has been the setting of several games, one not even of the series, but linked to it by the setting.

As gaming and the internet have changed so radically over these years, so too have the ways in which people get help for their gaming needs.

Places such as You Tube and Twitch abound with guides for games, and are an excellent resource.

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