Fender jazz bass product dating

Per the following screenshot: For lead and solos, a heavily saturated distortion will pierce through with some extra definition on the bridge positions.

Generally, you can use positions one through three for lead and four through five for rhythm.

Particularly when played clean, there's a thickness and resonant bass response that sounds really good.

I was able to pair this one with both my amplifiers: Everything about it sounded thick, full and perfect on lower tunings.

Does it bother us that many of the Ibanez models are manufactured overseas?

This makes it particularly ideal for lead guitarists and those who do a lot of heavy tremolo work.

Dustie Waring (we'll get to his signature PRS later) is a big fan: Regardless of how attractive you might find the Floyd, the tone of this guitar is incredibly warm and full, like you would expect from the nicer PRS guitars.

Moreover, the pickups on the 513 (513 stands for five pickups and 13 sounds) are also bass-friendly and thick, resonating well with lower EQs and tunings.

It can sound like a single-coil Strat or a thick humbucking power axe.

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