Female personality types dating

Being around entertainers often leaves onlookers feeling better about themselves and life in general.When others around them feel good, ESFPs feed off of the “vibes” and become happier as well.

That’s because personality typing (in we use Relationship “Quadrants” to help you know how to connect most quickly and deeply with a man) has to do with personality clues you can PICK UP from a man almost instantly.

And – this is so important – once you’ve “typed” YOURSELF with in your PRIMARY Personality Quadrant, you’ll know exactly how to move between your own different personality styles (all styles that exist in you, remember, nothing made up or pretend) – It makes it insanely easy to connect with a man, to interest him, and to get him to simply, without his knowing why – feel ATTRACTED to you.

And from then on…as a relationship develops between you – you’ll know how to avoid all the pitfalls and mistakes that all other women are making.

Possessed with a dramatic flair and a solid sense of creativity, this individual would do well to pursue a career in the arts such as acting, painting, or decorating.

“Entertainers” display extroverted sensing as a dominant trait which accounts for their personable, welcoming aura.

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