Errors encountered validating document

(0, 0) Activity 'ID3' validation failed: Property "Condition" has invalid value. Clear the Automatically start this workflow when a new item is created checkbox to fix this problem.You cannot use a task action in this workflow, because it will start another instance of the same workflow.However, to check if an XML document conforms to an XML Schema, the document must be validated against that XML Schema.

To remove this View, you must first delete all postings for it, and empty the Channels hierarchy's Deleted Items. Error while trying to get the children of an XML element. URL not registered with name mapper: Failed to connect to server, probably due to user authentication error.

Site Builder Error Messages MSCMS 2001 Server Error Messages Communication Errors Site Stager Error Messages This chapter contains a listing of Microsoft Content Management Server 2001 and MSCMS 2001 Site Stager error messages, categorized by the domain that generates them.

Most Content Management Server 2001 error messages contain details to help you determine the source of the error.

You do not have sufficient rights to create Channel. If not, this is probably a software error and should be reported to the appropriate administrator.

You do not have sufficient rights to create page in this folder. SYSTEM ERROR: The current transaction failed because updating the database failed as either the database is full, or the transaction log is full.

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