Error updating windows vista service pack 1

This article (KB935796) lists all known programs that don't work properly with Vista SP1.

I suggest you check them out before you install this service pack.

ITWire received emails from users who experienced problems after installing SP1.

One is that the memory and performance rating is not displayed anymore, and the other one is about the Windows Mobile Device Center.

Once all other updates are installed, Windows Vista service pack 1 is offered.

When you attempt to install Windows Vista service pack 1, the service pack installation wizard appears, presenting the license agreement and so on.

However, Microsoft dedicated a particular article (KB948481) to it.

Even though some media are making a big deal out of this SP1 issues, I don't think that they are really serious so far.

I got the same meaningless error message sometimes when I connected my Windows Mobile 6 device to different desktops running the Windows Mobile Device Center.I have experienced the same problem on some Vista machine without SP1. However, I don't know if the problem described by Milo is a new one.He thinks that it might be related to the reboot issue.If you manage Group Polices for Vista machines in your PC, then I wouldn't install SP1 because GPMC will be removed after the installation.Microsoft plans to release a new version, but as far as I know, this is not yet the case.Please, let us know if you experienced troubles with other apps that are not in this list.This problem of Vista SP1 is causing a lot of stir.Of course, those who are affected might have a different view about it. But do you remember about the troubles that service pack 2 for Windows XP caused? The German Windows Vista blog and Aaron discovered a problem with the sound system.It seems that this is related to the driver problem discussed above.

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