Error updating selection list

Such users can access many features that are dependent on user authorization, such as rating videos or adding videos to a playlist.

However, as an example, the user would need a You Tube channel to be able to upload a video.

We ask that you keep your ongoing API requests limited to 500 per hour (12,000 daily) when using our Free plan.One of the values in the localizations object failed validation.Use the method to retrieve valid values and make sure to update them following the guidelines in the playlists resource documentation.You can then specify this value as the next_cursor parameter of the following listing or deletion request.This way you can browse through the full lists of uploaded resources, transformations and tags of your Cloudinary account or delete the entire set that matches the deletion query.The school removed from the list will not have automatic access to any new information you provide after you’ve removed that school.Top Note: Tax return information you transfer via the Internal Revenue Service Data Retrieval Tool cannot be changed on your online FAFSA form.Your Cloudinary API Key and API Secret are used for the authentication. Listing methods of the API return a limited set of results ordered by the creation time of the relevant entities.You can control the number of results returned in a single request by specifying the max_results parameter. There is a maximum number of results you can request for a single API call (either 100 or 500 for the various methods). When a listing request has more results to return than max_results or when a deletion request has more resources to delete than 1000, the next_cursor value is returned as part of the response.A user who has a Gmail account or an Android device is certain to have a Google Account but may not have already linked that Google Account to a You Tube channel.This error is commonly seen if you try to use the OAuth 2.0 Service Account flow.

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