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However, Reaser - who plays Esme Cullen in the saga - told "Oh!I haven't talked to Rob or Kristen in a while, so I have no idea. "I haven't talked to Rob or Kristen in a while, so I have no idea. " she laughed when asked about the rumors when she stopped by the MTV Newsroom earlier this week.The pic showed the 25-year-old actress sitting next to Reaser, 38, with a grinning, baseball cap-wearing Facinelli, 39, across the table. Thanks for the soup, cookies, and company @hotpantsusa and @peterfacinelli," she captioned the image, using her costars' Instagram names to tag them in the snapshot.PHOTOS: Nikki's wedding album Incidentally, Reed and Facinelli are also set to reunite on the evening of Monday, Nov. They're part of the new Twilight Forever Fan Experience Exhibit opening at Planet Hollywood in New York City's Times Square, which commemorates the fifth anniversary of the , Reaser said the ending was bittersweet. When they spoke to Oprah Winfrey about it earlier this month, they laughed off the chatter about their relationship.

Also pictured below is a solo Xavier strolling along with a coffee in hand.Taylor Lautner arrives at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Friday (August 6) after flying via an Air Canada flight from Vancouver.Other pictures include costar Robert Pattinson grabbing lunch with friends and on-screen love interest Kristen Stewart at a West Hollywood restaurant on Friday (August 7).” Really, the actress has more important things on her mind.“I’m always just, like, looking for the peanut M&M’s, so I don’t know what’s going on,” If you were Elizabeth Reaser, would you spill the beans about RPattz and KStew? But if you’re hoping their co-star Elizabeth Reaser, who plays vampire matriarch Esme Cullen, has any insight into their dating status, it seems she is the wrong girl to ask.“I haven’t talked to Rob or Kristen in a while, so I have no idea.And in an interview with USA Today the actors admitted we haven't seen them out together because they've been deliberately hiding.I'm also, like, the clueless person on set that has no idea what's happening and I think I like it that way."Pattinson and Stewart recently fuelled speculation of a romance when they were reportedly seen together on the set of Pattinson's new movie in Hungary and visiting his family in London.Like I said, you probably know way more than I do," she said."I never know anything.Like I said, you probably know way more than I do.”Reaser said she’s not really in tune with the personal lives of the people she works with.

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