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It brings together the world’s most notable auto suppliers to collaborate on engineering and to supply the parts needed in order to achieve the high mileage, low price goal.

(formerly, Cooper- Standard Automotive Inc.), Cooper-Standard Automotive NC L. Ultimately, we strongly believe that a wisely regulated free-market economy will drive our standard of living ever higher. In order to meet overwhelming demand for the new-fangled automobile, Ford introduced new mass-production methods, including large production plants and the use of standardized and interchangeable parts. NO PUBLIC MARKET CURRENTLY EXISTS FOR THE SECURITIES AND IF A PUBLIC MARKET DEVELOPS FOLLOWING THIS OFFERING, IT MAY NOT CONTINUE.

The potential ripple effect will create or sustain approximately 18,000 additional indirect jobs nationwide.

Elio Motors is laser focused on cost savings including engineering decisions, supplier relationships, options packaging, the retail network, and service arrangement.

At a targeted ,800 base price, minivan and SUV owners can keep the family vehicle at home for transporting the family AND drive the up-to-84-MPG Finally, the vehicle’s unique styling makes it attractive to a wide variety of auto enthusiasts.

The eye-catching, aerodynamic design and unique cockpit-like interior have been a hit with auto enthusiasts and also cross over to aviation enthusiasts, as well.

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