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A study published in 2010 may perhaps deserve more weight because it is recent and is able to take past studies into account.

The author shows that the claims about links between violence being linked to video games are hard to fathom given increasing playing time and decreasing violence by teens.

This study points out methodological and theoretical problems with preceding research on video game violence, and asks what the positive effects of violent videogames might be.

Conclusions include a positive increase in visuospatial cognition and social involvement, and the fact that one game in particular has had positive educational effects in cancer patients.

However, the effects seem to be of short duration, and listening to a non-violent song following a violent one may dissipate the effects of this type of media and teen violence.

In addition, the researchers note that while the lyrics may be violent, they may also be unintelligible, diminishing their effect.

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Whether or not media and teen violence are related is a long debated issue. It can be directed at inanimate objects, at other people, at animals, or at the teen him- or herself.

This article looks at different types of media and how each affects children including TV, the Internet, music, and video games. People suspect that media - whether news reports, songs, or movies - that teens view or listen to, as well as interactive media, such as video games, that teens participate in may contribute to teen violence. Various types of media are positive and have been used to send anti-violence messages to teens.

There are also suggestions linking mildly violent games to higher-order thinking skills and involvement in World of Warcraft with increased reading and writing achievement in boys for whom these are not areas of strength.

Sources “Exposure to Violent Media: The Effects of Songs With Violent Lyrics on Aggressive Thoughts and Feelings” - Blazing Angels or Resident Evil?

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