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) as defined below has been used in the code examples to validate the input document.The input document contains an extra attribute which has not been defined in the XML Schema, this shows that the XML Schema has been used for the validation.Microsoft appointment attachment in your email, and works out what information is in it.Give them a corrupted file and you'll get an error message.Documentation on xml parsing in general, and xmlproc in particular, is easy enough to come by.However, I had to dig around a bit to find out how perform validated parsing (against an external DTD) using xmlval and xmldtd.If you don't know what any of this means, you will need some help from someone who knows how to download and install software on your type of operating system. The ones given here are required because it's based on an SGML parser and these options switch it to XML mode and suppress the normal output, leaving just the errors (if any).— that is, a language for writing markup languages.

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Python will find that DTD itself and load it to validate your XML file.

Be sure that the syntax is as described above, and that you use the correct public identifier; otherwise, The Validator will use the wrong DTD, or will be unable to find a DTD at all, and will produce a huge list of absolutely meaningless errors.

Configure Java APIs (SAX, DOM, dom4j, XOM) using JAXP 1.3 to validate XML Documents with DTD and Schema(s).

Many Java XML APIs provide mechanisms to validate XML documents, the JAXP API can be used for most of these XML APIs but subtle configuration differences exists.

This article shows five ways of how to configure different Java APIs (including DOM, SAX, dom4j and XOM) using JAXP 1.3 for checking and validating XML with DTD and Schema(s).

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