Dr phil dating a married man who is dale jr dating now 2016

So he carried him into the kitchen, gets another piece of pizza, and eventually takes him to my room and lays him on my bed.'Roxanne goes on to tell how when she later picked up her son's lifeless body, he was completely limp. Bert Franklin, 35, was arrested and charged in 2016 with first-degree murder in the death of 19-month-old Lincoln Van Henry Lewis.When Roxanne realized her son was unresponsive she took him to Mercy Hospital, where he was diagnosed with skull fractures.Roxanne told police that on July 17, 2016, she was downstairs in her home in the 14800 block of Gravity Falls when she heard a loud 'thud' from an upstairs bedroom, where Franklin and Lincoln were alone at the time.She also claimed that Franklin recently had begun to exhibit 'controlling behavior.' Investigators stated in Franklin's arrest warrant that his wife and his mistress were not aware of one another's existence.He was the newcomer who spoke with a cowboy drawl from Oklahoma; some of the kids made fun of him for sounding like a hick.One classmate described him as the strong, silent type, literally standing head and very broad shoulders above his classmates.We still want to hear from you and encourage you to join the conversations on Dr. You’ll find exclusive show content, behind-the-scenes footage, personal Dr. And, you can join active viewer conversations and weigh in with your thoughts!

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She had never spoken publicly about their four-year marriage, which she claims failed because he had a roving eye.

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Franklin was then seen kicking towards something on the floor which is not visible.

An autopsy that was performed in the wake of the child's death found that Lincoln had severe swelling and trauma to his brain, as well as hemorrhaging in both eyes caused by a pair of skull fractures.

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